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Magnetic Specialties is a family run Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier specializing in strong industrial magnet equipment. Permanent Lifting Magnets, also known as hoist magnets, designed for lifting iron castings, plate and sheet steel and numerous other steel lifting applications, Magnetic Separators, such as Overhead Magnets, Magnetic Sweepers for removal of nails and steel filings, and magnetic hand tools for positioning and sign capping.

Lifting Magnets

Our permanent Lifting or Hoist Magnets eliminate the hassle of electric cords and awkward slings. They can’t fail due to power fluctuations. They have been proven safe and reliable for over 30 years. After 100 years, the magnets will still be over 99.5% strong! All lifting magnets use an easy hand release lever and are built to last with stainless steel casings and our high strength ferrite magnets. Use in tandem for heavier loads with a spreader bar. These magnets are also heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit!

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