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Magnetic Specialties is a family run Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier specializing in strong industrial magnet equipment. Permanent Lift Magnets, also known as hoist magnets, designed for lifting iron castings, plate and sheet steel and numerous other steel lifting applications, Magnetic Separators, such as Overhead Magnets, Magnetic Sweepers for removal of nails and steel filings, and magnetic hand tools for positioning and sign capping.

Lift Magnets

Let’s say you need to move an object from point A to point B, and it weighs an actual ton. You wouldn’t want to bother with an overhead crane, and traditional lift and hoist magnets obtain unnecessary electric chords, chains and slings. Our unique design eliminates all of these downfalls, without a large workforce of people to do the lifting for you. What if we told you could get the job done with one individual in just a few quick steps, saving you time and increasing overall productivity.

The operation of our lift magnets is a breeze. Simply place the magnet in the center of the item you’re lifting, engage the hand release lever, and connect whatever device you’re using to the magnet. The procedure is quick, easy, and effective with an end result of more time lifting product and less time fussing with those chains, cords, and slings.

Using lift magnets rather than the opposing procedures can also be a financial game changer. Some models in the market require you to drill holes in your material for eyebolts to simply move it.  After you go through all the trouble of drilling in these holes and getting your product to its destination, you then have to refurbish the item to make it look brand new. Why bother with the inconvenience of multiple steps that have an end result of filling in unnecessary holes? Our lift magnets were designed to be effortless.

For the past thirty years our magnets have been proven to be safe and reliable. Even after a 100 years of usage our lift magnets are guaranteed to be 99.5% strong! These industrial strength magnets last you a lifetime, to ensure you’re getting the most out of every dollar spent.

One of the many benefits of choosing our lift magnets is how portable they are. No matter where the task may be, your magnet will be completely accessible, and ready to go in minutes. With a bright orange body and a cobalt blue release lever, you will be able to easily identify your Magnetics TM   magnet apart from all the dark metal in the work place.  Our little orange lifting magnets are built to last with stainless steel castings, high strength ferrite magnets and a heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is our product portable and easy to use, you can also minimize your carbon foot print investing in our power free technology.

We currently offer five different models of lift magnets to support desired capacities ranging from as little as four hundred pounds to as large as two thousand five hundred pounds (for detailed information please view model chart).  This gives you the opportunity to save money and purchase specific magnets that work best your project. Don’t waste time pestering with other devices and let our lift magnets do the work for you.


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