Industrial Lifting Magnets are defined as a magnetic device used to transport and lift products and materials. Most are designed to operate by use of a external lever to turn move a magnet which enables or disables the device. Industrial Lifting Magnets can move small or very large objects.

The Best Industrial Lifting Magnet we’ve found is the Model 1057 Permanent Lifting Magnet with a 2500 lb capacity, manufactured in the USA by Magnetic Specialties from Portland, Oregon.

They are used by many industrial manufactures to increase efficiency and safety for their factories and workers. Many are built using strong, compact Rare Earth magnets and contain a release installed internally into the device itself.

This industrial lift magnet has a 2500 lb lift rate which can be used to move plate steel or other steel products with ease. The lift magnet uses a internal fulcrum to provide an easy on/off switch to enable a worker to use the magnet with ease.  Using a hoisting magnet can enable you to pick up materials simply and safely. This can boost your efficiency quickly and easily and reduce stress on your workers.

how an industrial lifting magnet works


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