Lifting Magnets

Lifting magnets can be found on a construction site, at salvage yards, or any other place heavy metal objects need to be moved. They come in a variety of sizes and can be as small as your cell phone or as large as a small bed. No matter what the job is if your dealing with a heavy metal object that needs to be lifted, using electromagnetic technology is going to speed things up and require fewer human workers to get the same job done.

Watching a lifting magnet work makes the job look so easy, and it is, but only because of the electromagnetic technology built into them. Anyone can use a magnet to pick something up, but getting one to let go once you get the object in position would be difficult if the magnet you used wasn’t electromagnetic. There is no more efficient way to move a heavy, awkward metal object other than by magnetic force.

What Makes Them Work?

From the outside, a lifting magnets appearance can certainly be deceiving. Encased in machined steel, with a cover plate, you can’t see the copper or aluminum current conductors wound around or the thin layers of insulation between each winding. Protecting those coils is a sheet of manganese which provides a hard, non-magnetic shield to keep them safe.

The technology behind lifting magnets depends on components designed to carefully balance the high voltage currents and magnetism flowing through them. The strength of a magnet is based on how many coils there are within, their density and the integrity of its 230 volts (DC current) power cable. All you need to get the job done is a dependable power source and one person trained to operate the equipment.

Able To Safely Go Where Humans Shouldn’t or Can’t

You might be able to move a ton of metal with enough strong, human hands on the job but it would be risky and take more time than if a magnet was used. All it would take is one accident on the job to erase any savings you might have gained by using human rather than electromagnetic power. Magnets don’t require hospitalization when injured and they don’t collect disability insurance either.

The human eye can miss things like metal shards or screws lying about a job site but when a magnet is used to clean up debris, tires and human feet stay safe. Also known as retrieving magnets, they can go where a human body or even a single arm just wouldn’t fit. Imagine the cost of hiring a team of divers to clean up an area underwater as compared to the cost of a lifting magnet that you get to use time after time and the choice is obvious.

How Complicated Is A Lift Magnet To Use?

Simply position the magnet in the center of whatever has to be moved and then engage the power, it’s that easy. Less time spent lifting and no need to deal with chains, cords or slings greatly increases production and therefore, profit. Some models on the market require holes to be drilled into the item being moved and then installing eyebolts to attach chains too. This method may get the job done but in the end, it only means more work because once the item is moved, those holes have to be patched if you intend to sell it.

How Long Does A Lift Magnet Last? Are They Really Worth The Expense?

When properly cared for, a lifting magnet will often outlive its owner without losing any of its original strength. They are the best, most efficient way to stretch an investment dollar ever devised and they are portable. Of course, it makes no sense to spend money on equipment that cant be easily hauled from one job to another when necessary. There are several different models available, and every one of them is worth the expense when you consider all the man-hours saved by using them.

From magnets weighing 47 pounds with the ability to lift 2,500 pounds at once to units weighing only 13 pounds that can lift as much as 400 easier than a crew of people would be able to. Considering what the average wage is for heavy labor, and the sheer durability of a lifting magnet, they are definitely worth every penny.

The Best Way To Ensure Your Tool Budget Is Well Spent

There are several places online where lift magnets can be purchased but as with any other product, caution is advised. Best advice is to go with a company such as Magnetic Specialties at This family-run business has been an industry leader since the 1950’s and you don’t stay at the top that long in a highly competitive business like this unless you know exactly what you’re doing. With nearly 70 years experience, the question isn’t where to buy, but how quickly you call (971) 206-2000 or contact and see what we have to offer.

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