Magna-Caps have been used for decades in the sign industry.

The ORIGINAL Magna-Cap manufactured in the USA by Magnetic Specialties.  Magna-Caps are designed to speed up and increase the quality of letter capping in signs.

Users of Magna-Caps report cost reductions of over 75% when used to hold capping in place. Capping is less likely to shift.

Also they like the absence of wood splinters, dirt, and nails that could impair the quality and appearance of their finished product.


The shapes and sizes of Magna-Caps are the result of several years of working with various users. Special shapes and sizes can be made to fit your needs.


Technique for using Magna-Caps

1. Cover workbench with56946073 a sheet of 18 gauge galvanized steel.

2. Place letter to be capped on the sheet steel and anchor with four or five Magna-Caps.

3. Apply capping – Place Magna-Caps wherever needed to hold capping against the letter.

4. When capping is completed, apply cement and allow to dry before removing Magna-Caps.

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