Industrial Lifting Magnets

Industrial Lifting Magnets

They say that time is money. Magnetic Specialties hoist magnets can safely save you both!

Muscling around heavy steel plates becomes easy when using our lifting magnets to do the job for you. Operation is simple: just set the hoist magnet in place centered on the steel you wish to move, turn the cam release to fix the magnet in place with a firm bond, and lift with your hoist. Once the plate is in place, just turn the cam release handle to break the bond and pull the magnet away. The simple, proven technology of permanent magnets lets you go places an electromagnet would not, with the added benefit of safe operation free from possible shocks or failures due to faulty wiring.

Magnetic Specialties magnets allow safe lifting and handling of your steel plate loads, with no wires to trip on, no need to run long extension cords that might fray or come unplugged, and no possibility of a power failure or tangled power cord dropping your load. Convenient, safe, and simple. Economical, efficient, and effective. Our lifting magnets check all the boxes!

More On Our Magnets

Magnets have come a long, long way since the ancient Greeks described the lodestone and today’s permanent magnets have a strength that would have been unbelievable to them, with lifting magnets such as our Model 1057, rated to handle loads of up to 2,500 pounds easily and safely. Even larger loads can be accomplished with the use of a spreader bar arrangement. Our combination of high-quality C-8 ceramic magnets and steel pole pieces channels magnetic lines of force into your steel workload for safe lifting and positioning, and the ferrite magnetic material has a working temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Yes, these really are permanent magnets! After 100 years of use, Magnetic Specialties magnets will still retain ninety-nine percent of their magnetism. Some of our hoist magnets have remained in service for over forty years, for lift after lift. They say that diamonds are forever but diamonds lift no steel.

Magnetic Specialties lifting magnets are built to last with American craftsmanship in our Portland, Oregon facility, with a sturdy, all-welded construction based on a stainless steel enclosure, and we offer free testing and evaluation of the continued serviceability of our magnets. Every magnet is tested to at least double capacity before being passed, giving you dependable lifting you can trust.

Why do our magnets work so well for you? It all comes down to the properties of steel and the way it channels magnetic flux. While magnetism can travel directly through air or space, mild steel “attracts” the magnetic lines of force and channels them through it. By our arrangement of the poles of the magnets themselves within our lifting magnets, and the steel pole pieces, we guide that magnetic flux into your steel workload by means of strong, direct contact between the surfaces of the pole pieces of the lifting magnet and the surface of your steel workload. This also means that the magnets themselves are protected from damage. When your lift is done, the simple cam release breaks the contact to allow for easy removal of the magnet.

Magnetic Specialties capitalizes on over seventy years of experience in the field, experience that includes permanent magnetic applications for industry in a wide variety of forms, from magnetic pulleys and drums that separate ferrous from non-ferrous material, to our Magna Cap line of magnetic sign capping magnets (that also make great general purpose shop magnets), from chute magnets and plate magnets to of course, our hoist magnets referenced above.

Did you know--?

  • The most powerful controlled magnetic field ever was created by University of Tokyo scientists and reached a level of 1200 Teslas. That’s about 18 million times the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Russian scientists created a field of 2800 Teslas but it blew their equipment up.
  • The most powerful magnets in the universe, however, are stars. A type of neutron star called a magnetar can have a magnetic field strength of up to 10 billion Tesla, which would make the most powerful magnet on Earth seem a mere blip.
  • The magnetic compass has been known for about two millenia, having been invented as far back as the second century BC in Han dynasty China.
  • Magnetism itself was written about even earlier, as far back as the sixth century BC, by the ancient Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus.
  • You’ve heard of animal magnetism? In some cases, that is literal, as some birds and mollusks have magnetite in their bodies, which they seem to use in navigation.
  • Magnets helped us discover quantum mechanics. The Stern-Gerlach experiment in 1922 used magnets to show the existence of the important quantum property of spin.
  • We normally think of magnets as attracting each other, but some materials are actually repelled by magnets. They are called diamagnetic materials and though the effect is very weak, there are many of them, even including plain water.
  • The most popular tourist souvenirs, are magnets.

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